Friday, July 27, 2012

Some British Landscapes

 All by guys named John...

 John Knox: View of Glencoe

 John Linnell: Homeward Bound (1861)

 John Linnell: The Last Load (1853)

 John Linnell: The Sandpits (1856)

 John MacWhirter: A Lonely Birch

 John MacWhirter: June in the Austrian Tyrol (1892)

 John MacWhirter: Mount Etna from the Greek Theatre, Taormina (1890)

 John MacWhirter: Sunset on the Isle of Skye (1875)

 John Syer: Figures by a Tumbling Stream

John Syer: Welsh Drovers (1878)

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  1. Please, do you know anything about Ellis Wilson, a Victorian painter of welsh landscapes?