Thursday, October 31, 2013

Victorian Pot-pourri

Here's an assortment of paintings by previously featured artists.

 Augustus Edwin Mulready: Our Good-Natured Cousin
 Charles Edward Wilson: The Rose Garden (1908)
 Charles West Cope: The Awakening of King Lear by the Kiss of Cordelia (1850)
 David Roberts: Kurfürstliche Burg, Eltville, on the Rhine, Germany
 Edmund George Warren: Harvest
 Edwin Longsden Long: Gibraltar (1886)
 Ernest Normand: Pygmalion and Galatea (1881)
 George Goodwin Kilburne: Ancient Sport
Marie Spartali Stillman: The Long Walk at Kelmscott Manor, Oxfordshire

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Maritime art

 Augustus Walford Weedon: Off to the Fishing Grounds (1895)
 Ebenezer Colls: HMS Endymion rescuing a French two-decker, 1803-05
 John Wilson Carmichael: A Breezy Day off Flamborough Head, Yorkshire (1861)
 John Wilson Carmichael: A large Second Rate, probably H.M.S. Asia, 
passing through local small craft off Gibraltar (1858)
 John Wilson Carmichael: Coastal Traffic before Bamburgh Castle 
on the Northumberland Coast (1850s)
 John Wilson Carmichael: Shipping in a Flat Calm off the Dutch coast (1867)
 Samuel Austin: Fishermen unloading the catch at low tide (1831)
Thomas Luny: Warships and a cutter in a heavy swell off Harwich (1818)
Thomas Rose Miles: Morning, Whitby Harbour
Thomas Rose Miles: Storm driven, off Scarborough
William Adolphus Knell: Fishing Boats in a Calm (1859)
William Adolphus Knell: Indiamen in the Thames
William Adolphus Knell: Shipping off the Coast of Kent
William Callcott Knell: Fishermen drying their sails at the end of the day, 
Royal Navy two-deckers Anchored Beyond (1862)
William Thornley: A Misty Morning on the Thames

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

William Hemsley

William Hemsley (1819-1893) was a genre painter. Children were a favorite subject of his.

 A Timely Stitch
 Baking Day
 Dance Music
 Divided Attention
 Mother's Out (1870)
 Sunshine (1851)
 The First Pipe (1860)
 The Little Shrimpers
 The Village Postman
 The Young Boat Builders
 The Young Doll Makers

Monday, October 28, 2013

Joseph Crawhall

Joseph Crawhall (1861-1913) was a watercolorist whose favorite subject appears to have been animals.

 A Lincolnshire Pasture (1882)
 A Lincolnshire Stream (1882)
 Arab Ploughing with Bullocks, Tangier (1889)
 Camels (1888)
 Foxhounds - Gingling Gate (1886)
 Landscape with Cattle (ca. 1885)
 Picketed Horses (1888)
 Pigs at the Trough (1884)
 Sheep in a Meadow (1887)
 The Aviary, Clifton (1888)
 The Forge (ca. 1885)
 The Governess Cart
The Snake Charmer (1888)