Tuesday, April 30, 2013

George Sheridan Knowles

George Sheridan Knowles (1863-1931) was an English painter specializing in genre and nostalgia scenes.

 A Love Song

 A Peek in the Basket

 An Afternoon Stroll

 Glasgerion (1892)
[based on a ballad]

 Interior Scene with Lady and Gentleman Seated at a Bench

 Page and Monarch forth they went, Forth they went together, 
Through the rude wind’s wild lament, and the bitter weather (1898)

 Safe at Last

 Seeking Sanctuary

 Signing the Marriage Contract (1905)

 Summer Pleasures on the River (1908)

 Summer's Fun

 The Duet

 The Love Letter

 Untitled (1905)

Up in Smoke

Monday, April 29, 2013

William Shayer Senior

William Shayer Senior (1787-1879) was a painter of rural genre scenes. His son, William Shayer Junior, was also a painter in the same style as his father; sometimes it is hard to tell which one is the artist, so no guarantees that all of these are by WS Sr.

 The Plough Inn

 William Shayer and Edward Charles Williams: The Old Roadside Inn
[this was one of a number of collaborations between Shayer and Williams; 
Williams painted the landscape and Shayer the people]

 A By-lane in the New Forest

 A Gypsy Encampment

 A Halt at the Inn

 A Village Festival (1843)

 At the Bell Inn, Cadnam, New Forest

 Bargaining for the Catch

 Carting Timber in the New Forest

 Drinks at the Crown Inn

 Farmyard Scene

 Fisherfolk on the Hampshire Coast (1839)

 In the New Forest

 Scene Near Zeldkirch in the Tyrol

 The Half Way House, Thatcham

 The Midday Rest

Friday, April 26, 2013


These are paintings by artists who have been featured on this blog before. (I keep finding new works by them.)

 Albert Goodwin: Man Goeth Forth to His Labour Until the Evening (1905)

 Atkinson Grimshaw: Quai de Paris, Rouen (1893)

Benjamin Leader: A Relic of the Past

 Benjamin Leader: A Woodland Path, North Wales

 Benjamin Leader: Spring Cottage with Shepherd and Flock (1896)

 Daniel Maclise: Henry VIII's First Interview with Anne Boleyn (1835)

 Daniel Maclise: Scene from 'Twelfth Night' ('Malvolio and the Countess') (1840)

 David Roberts: The Castle of Alcalá de Guadaíra (1833)

 David Roberts: The Golden Tower (1833)

 Edmund Blair Leighton: The Conquest (1884)

 Edmund Blair Leighton: The Gallant Suitor (1890)

 Edmund Blair Leighton: The Glance that Enchants

 Edmund Blair Leighton: Witness My Act and Seal

Edmund Blair Leighton: Signing the Register

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Wealth of Williams

 William Anslow Thornley: Mouth of the Medway

 William Bromley: Playing Marbles

 William Collingwood: An Antique Interior at West Hill House, Hastings (1842)

 William Collins: Sunday Morning (1836)

 William Edward Webb: Figures Unloading Fishing Boats on a Quayside

 William Gale: Elijah and the Widow's Son

 William Henry Hunt: Pollard Elm on the Edge of the Village Pound

 William Linton: Roefield House with Low Moor Mill on the River Ribble 
with Clitheroe Castle and Pendle Hill in the Distance

 William Mulready: An Interior Including a Portrait of John Sheepshanks 
at His Residence in Old Bond Street (1832)

William Harris Weatherhead: Peeling Apples for a Pie (1886)