Friday, June 28, 2013

Talbot Hughes

Talbot Hughes (1869-1942) was a British painter of genre and historical scenes. In a 1902 article in The Magazine of Art writer Marion Hepworth Dixon commented on Hughes's "dexterity of hand, the extraordinary facility with which he renders the different surfaces of stuffs, woods, and metal, together with the agility of his outlook and the verve and spontaneity of his eighteenth century designs."

 A Nun Embroidering Fabric
 A Secret Assignation (1898)
 Among the Roses (1897)
Diana (1904)

 Echo (1900)
 Mother and Child
 The Card Room (1895)
 The Morning of the Duel
 The New Dress
 The Path of True Love Never Did Run Smooth (1896)
 The Toast (1892)
 Two Nuns in a Cloister

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Arthur Hacker

Arthur Hacker (1858-1919) was an English painter who did portraits, genre and classical scenes.

 A Difficulty (1888)
 A Heavy Burden
 A Morning Walk (1902)
 A Nude Bacchante with Child
 By the Waters of Babylon
 Fisherman's Wife (1885)
 Imprisoned Spring (1911)
 Mrs. R. E. Moare (1889)
 Musicienne du Silence (1900)
Pelagia and Philammon (1887)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Albert Joseph Moore

Albert Joseph Moore (1841-1893) was a Victorian classicist painter. 

 A Garden (1869)
 A Reverie (1892)
 A Summer Night (ca. 1887)
 Blossoms (1881)
 Dreamers (1882)
 Silver (1886)
 Waiting to Cross

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keeley Halswelle

Keeley Halswelle (1832-91) was an English painter of landscapes, seascapes and genre scenes.

 A Cornfield at Harvest
 Contadini in St. Peters, Rome (1871)
 Eel Traps on the River Thames
 Passing Storm, Ely (1886)
 River Weed
 Stormy seascape with figures being rescued from wreckage
 The Fleet Returning in Rough Weather
 The Quack Doctor of the Piazza Rotonda, Rome
 Valley of the Thames (1882)
Waiting for Hire - Scene at the Marcellus Theatre, Rome

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sir Luke Fildes

Sir Luke Fildes (1843-1927) was a prominent illustrator and painter.

 Applicants for Admission to a Casual Ward
 Devotion (1882)
 Queen Alexandra, when Princess of Wales (1893)
 Rosa Siega (1876)
 The Doctor (1891)
 The Love Letter
The Widower (1875-76)