Friday, September 21, 2012

Daniel Maclise

 Daniel Maclise (1806-1870) was an Irish painter who worked mostly in London.

 A Scene from 'Undine' (1843)
[about this painting, which was purchased by Queen Victoria for her husband Prince Albert]

 Charles Dickens (1839)

 Madeline After Prayer (1868)

 Noah's Sacrifice (1847-53)

 Robin Hood and his Merry Men Entertaining Richard the Lionheart

 Scene – Lawn before the Duke’s palace; 
Orlando about to engage with Charles, the Duke’s wrestler (1854)

 Snap-Apple Night (detail) (1832)

The Death of Nelson (1859-64)
[about this painting]

The Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife (1854)
[about this painting]

The Play Scene from Hamlet (1842)

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